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Lane Financial Management Ltd is a chartered independent financial advice (IFA) practice based in Fareham . As a family-run practice, we are more than just independent financial advisers. We are your partners in achieving a secure and prosperous future for you and your loved ones. By viewing financial planning as a holistic and intergenerational exercise, we are able to assist you in making those important decisions that significantly influence your financial well-being.

We understand that every financial journey is unique, and our approach is built on the foundation of forging strong lasting relationships with our clients. We take the time to truly understand your aspirations, concerns, and values before crafting a tailor-made financial plan that facilitates your goals.

Chartered Independent Financial Advice

As a family-run practice, we answer only to you, our clients. We are not bound by any affiliations with financial institutions or products, ensuring that our recommendations are solely in your best interest. Essentially our business is founded on, and succeeds now, for the simple reason that we listen to our clients and actually hear what they have to say. We have learnt through this process that most people want different things but most of all they want someone experienced who they can talk to, who will listen, and give them sound, impartial jargon-free advice that is relevant to them.

Transparency and integrity are the cornerstones of our practice. We believe in making finance simple, digestible and enjoyable. Whether you’re planning for retirement, navigating investments, or securing your family’s financial future, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our commitment to excellence is underlined by our chartered status, a recognition of our adherence to the highest professional standards and ethical principles. This demonstrates our commitment to a client centric approach as well as maintaining the highest level of technical competence.

Our Financial Planning Process Involves:

1. We will invite you in for an initial meeting where we will discuss your objectives and identify whether the services we offer can help meet these. This initial meeting is at no cost to yourself, and usually lasts for around two hours.

2. Once we have established your objectives, and assuming that you would like to engage with our services, we will start to gather any further information required for us to complete our research and analysis. This will involve obtaining information on your incomes, expenditures, assets, liabilities as well as your existing product providers and professional advisers.

3. Once all of the necessary information has been secured, we will commence our research and analysis so that we can provide you with a personalised recommendation that facilitates your objectives.

4. We will then invite you in for a recommendations meeting where we will present our recommendations to you. We will explain the advantages, disadvantages, tax implications and the costs associated with our recommendations and make sure that you understand and are happy with our recommendations before proceeding. The objective of this is to guide you to a decision that you feel happy and are comfortable with.

5. Once you are satisfied with the solution, and you understand the recommendations, we will implement your strategy. We will coordinate with the various product providers and will assist with the completion of paperwork, submission and tracking of all applications.

6. The key to any successful financial strategy is not only the initial implementation of a financial plan, but regularly reassessing your personal circumstances and objectives to ensure that you remain on track to achieve them. We will agree a review service with you to ensure that your financial plan remains appropriate for your objectives.

“Personal, professional and truly independent advice”

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